Air Purifier for Restaurants

Can Air Purifiers In Restaurants Attract The Pre-Covid-19 Pandemic Crowd?

Do restaurant air purifiers really help to reduce the Novel Coronavirus?

Air Purifier For Restaurant – The joy and experience of eating out in your favourite restaurant can never be matched with eating at a dining table. A lovely restaurant with an exquisite theme, a variety of food menus and a relaxing ambience has always inspired our imagination. Unfortunately, the Covid-19 pandemic has had a massive effect on food & restaurant businesses. Although online food services were not much affected, restaurants and outdoor food joints took a severe beating to their revenue.

Lockdown restrictions imposed by the government around the world pretty much dampened the spirit of a Sunday brunch or a late-night Saturday dinner. In the second half of the last year, things did improve; however, a lot was left to be done. People were still apprehensive to venture out as the cases did not show any signs of abating.

Even though precautionary measures like maintaining social distancing, sanitizing the entire area frequently, and regular temperature checks were performed, it could not attract the pre-Covid-19 crowd. Consequently, many small and large restaurants had to close the shops with no available options soon.

Economic Downturn, Dwindling margins and cash revenue-

Air Purifier for Restaurants - O2 Cure Study
Source: Economic Times

Restaurant air purifiers – The break-even point for the restaurant industry is considered to be 3 years. Even after the break-even point, the majority of restaurants worldwide work on a slim 10-15% EBIDTA (Earnings before interest, tax, Depreciation and Amortization) margins with a cash flow of fewer than 3 weeks. In such a tight-fitted business model, constant revenue generation is the only chance of survival. Any slowdown of customer footfall will see the loss mounting as the fixed costs still need to be paid. This is exactly what happened during Covid-19 times.

The resulting economic downturn caused a severe dent in the level of disposable income. A reduction in disposable income resulted in fewer visits to restaurants. The problem, however, is that even with disposable income showing signs of recovery, the restaurant’s footfall and revenue are not showing any signs of recovery.

Restaurant Air Purifiers

Leveraging modern technology to regain customer trust

Customers love people more than they love the food of the restaurants. If restaurants can find a way to inspire trust and restore confidence, footfalls can be increased again. Investing in advanced technology is one of the ways to win back your customer confidence.

Trying to turn adversity into opportunity, many high-tech companies have developed customized products to deal with the dangers of Coronavirus. Restaurant Air purifiers are one product category that has captured the popular imagination. Originally used to purify internal air for a healthy ambience, it can now be used for neutralizing a range of microbes including the coronavirus.

Air Purifiers for Restaurants reviving the demand

Investing in advanced Restaurant Air purifiers with proven and tested technology can go a long way in reviving the demand. Before, spending your hard-earned money, conduct a thorough research about the features, authentication of the claims made by the brand and specifications of the air purifiers. O2Cure air purifiers are one of the best and unique available in the market to neutralize the effect of coronavirus. Its Plug & Play air purifiers having advanced oxidation PHI-cell® technology is extremely effective in neutralizing the virus.

The purifier works on an active air purification technique that kills the coronavirus on the surface or airborne by releasing hydro-peroxides, ozonide ions, superoxide and hydroxide ions. The technology has been successfully tested and approved by an internationally accredited virology lab in the USA over the SARS-CoV-2 virus with a 99.63% reduction within one hour from both air and surface.

Air Purifiers for Restaurants

The PHI cells create an advanced oxidation process consisting of hydro-peroxides, ozonide ions, superoxide and hydroxide ions. All these friendly oxidizers revert to oxygen and hydrogen after the oxidation of the pollutant. The oxidizers and the controlled ultraviolet light kill the coronavirus throughout the room at the source of contamination.

O2Cure’s Plug & Play air purifiers are a great addition to a restaurant because of the following features:

  1.  A coverage area of 500 sq. ft.
  2. The lifespan of the PHI cell is 30,000 hours.
  3. No maintenance is required.

 A restaurateur with a limited budget can also try out O2Cure in-duct solution for restaurants. Its REME-Halo with PHI Technology has been tested successfully both in Indian and American virology lab for neutralizing the coronavirus. Some of its main features have been listed below-

  1. No maintenance is required after installation.
  2. Can be easily integrated with the existing HVAC system.
  3. The lifespan of the cell is 30,000 hours.
  4. Available in different sizes to cater air volume from 300-26,000CFM.

Conclusion: Installing O2Cure’s Plug & Play air purifiers for the restaurant alone won’t bring back the charm of the place. One also needs to market the place as an agent of change and not afraid of trying new alternatives to address customer concerns.

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