Corona Killer: O2 Cure Plug & Play Air Purifier


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O2 Cure Plug & Play Air Purifier is the most advanced air purifier, developed by O2 CURE with RGF’s® patented and latest PHI® technology which has been tested and proven to remarkably reduce and treat all environmental microbial and pollutants. This technology has been tested by Indian as well as American Bio Analysis Virology Laboratory  to neutralize the corona virus by 99.9% from air and surfaces.

It is the most competent product to eliminate the threat against respiratory diseases & cross infections in indoor spaces.

  • Coverage- Residences/rooms upto 500 Sq Ft.
  • Lifespan of the PHI cell is 30,000 hours
  • Electrical – 220 V/50 Hz, Dimension (WxDxH) -146 x 110 x 310 mm

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O2 Cure's
Plug & Play Air Purifier

with most Advanced Active Air Purification Photo HydroIonization (PHI™️) Technology 

Coronavirus Killer

How it works?

High CADR of 350m/h

High Level  Filteration

UV Led

Removes Bad Odor

Coverage Area
500 Sq.Ft.