Air Purifier for PM 2.5

Air Purifier for PM 2.5: Particulate matters 2.5  are a major hindrance to blissful breathing. O2Cure air purification solution has the method to tackle the problem of particulate matters.

  • Interventions are needed to lower household  air purifier for pm 2.5 exposures.
  • Participants were randomized to a control (no air cleaners) or intervention (1–2 air cleaners) group.
  • Air cleaners lowered indoor PM2.5 by 29% (95% CI: 21, 37%) and blood cadmium by 14% (4, 23%).
  • Air cleaners were most effective in winter, when the PM2.5 geometric mean was reduced from 45 to 29 μg/m3.
  • Air cleaner effectiveness was reduced by > 50% after approximately 5 months of use.

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