Air Purifiers to Remove Pollens

Air Purifiers to remove pollens: Indoor air quality can also be affected by pollens. O2Cure air purification solution traps pollens resulting in fresh indoor air.

Some features of air purifier for pollens are:

  1. True HEPA filters can clean up to 99.97% of particles in the air as small as 0.3 microns. This can include pollen since they are roughly just about the size of regular old house dust, sometimes bigger. Therefore, they can be easily filtered out.
  2. A true HEPA filter could also be usually placed near a pre-filter so that the larger particles of pollen can also already be filtered out from the air before even reaching the true HEPA filter.
  3. Most true HEPA filters are also combined with variable fan speed units. These speeds can change according to an automatic sensor that your unit will use to measure the air quality (or pollen count) in your indoor space. No need to fuss over the settings that much!
  4. Many air purifiers with true HEPA filters have turbo modes. These are special modes that make the unit run like crazy during hay fever months!


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