O₂Cure by ZECO Aircon Ltd

Who We Are

About O2cure: At O₂Cure, we aim to provide a complete bespoke, personalized solution and experience to our consumers, with a diverse range of customizable air purifiers and monitors.

O2cure have solutions for respiratory health issues like asthma, pollen, dust allergy and others. Our range of products aim to keep your offices, public areas, residences and other enclosed areas free of harmful air contaminants like particulate matter (P.M 2.5), bacterial, microbials, gaseous compounds, odor and viruses.

We aim to give you the best solution that fits your clean air requirements.

about o2cure

O₂Cure is established under Zeco Aircon Ltd group, with an aim to bring mountain fresh air to people for their health and well being of society. Establishment of O₂Cure is a result of 30 years of rich & varied experience of Zeco Aircon in HVAC industry. The aim of O₂Cure is not limited to provide the best possible solution but to offer an optimized sustainable solution by reducing energy requirements. O₂Cure ensures air from our range of air purifiers and tailor made solutions free from air contaminants like bacteria, viruses, germs, gases, particles, dust, pollen, and other hazardous substances in the air.

Our solutions are ideal, tested, proven and backed by test results and testimonials for homes, offices, buildings, schools and other places.

Awards & Recoginitions


Forbes India

An accomplished mechanical engineer and entrepreneur, Mr. Kartik launched O2Cure To discourage uninformed buying and encourage locally manufactured purifiers.


Indian Achievers Award

ZECO AIRCON, extends its heartfelt gratitude to the Indian Achievers Forum (IAF) for awarding Mr. Kartik Singhal, director and founder of O2Cure, with the Indian Achievers’ Award (IAA).


We aim to educate the world about the need for better air quality, by spreading appropriate knowledge of available technologies and effective solutions to combat deteriorating breathable air. Air purifiers are an essential survival tool.


To reduce the number of lives lost every year due to respiratory health problems arising from air borne contaminants. O₂Cure targets to provide efficient and cost effective solutions to make air cleaner and breathable.


O₂Cure air purifiers are made for advanced solutions for bacteria, virus, other contaminants. We believe in thinking out of the box. Technologies that we offer are state of the art, patented, proven and used by thousands of families across the world.


We provide complete solutions with personalized experience to the world, offering a diverse range of customizable air purifiers and monitors. We consult, design and deploy solutions for respiratory health issues like asthma, pollen, dust allergies among others.