Air Purifier For Dander

Air Purifier For Dander: Dander can affect overall indoor air quality. With O2Cure Dander air purification solution, dander is a thing of the past.

O2Cure comes from one of the best brands in the field — and it’s been specifically developed to take care of pet dander and hair. The H13-Grade True HEPA filter, made from non-woven fabric, is more effective than other pre-filters at capturing pet fur, hair, and dander. It also has a specific pet lock button so your dog or cat won’t accidentally shut it off when they go to investigate the new addition to the house.

While the Air Purifier For Dander filters are replaceable (not reusable), the machine makes it easy to stay on top of replacements, with a check filter that indicates when it’s time for a new one (typically every six to eight months). We also love the sleep mode and timer that allows you to tone down the noise while keeping the filter going.

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