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Can Air Purifiers for Hotel Rooms Halt the Recessionary Trend?

To keep the hotel environment secure, invest in the best air purifiers for hotel rooms. PHI technology is a time-tested technology.

The hospitality & tourism industry has been one of the worst affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Fear of cross-contamination at hotels triggered an unprecedented vacancy rate. Deserted entrance, empty lobby and vacant rooms painted a gloomy scenario. Vaccine development, distribution and injection did bring some respite for the industry. On a whole, the Indian hotel industry has recovered to achieve a 50% occupancy level. The figure was the highest since the start of the pandemic. The average daily rate also reached an impressive level of INR4, 361.46 (The second-highest since the beginning of the pandemic). However, news of new strain and rising no. of daily cases dampened the entrepreneurial spirit once again. Luxury and upscale hotels are expected to bear the brunt of the change as compared to midscale and economy-class hotels.

Restoring Consumer Confidence with Preventive Measures:

  1. Contactless check-ins and check-outs: It has been one of the more effective methods to combat the threat of Coronavirus. Contactless check-ins and check-outs do not eliminate the virus. Nevertheless, it does reduce the chance of cross-contamination significantly. FRC(Facial recognition control) technology along with other contactless operations like electronic payment facilities, Touchless elevators and app-controlled operations have been used to dispel the fear of the deadly virus.
  2. Continued Sanitation: Continued sanitation is another effective preventive measure. Cleaning the area with infection-preventing sanitisers does instil a sense of security in the minds of apprehensive customers.
  3. Filtering based on abnormal temperature: Filtering of customers based on temperature check is one of the better ways of prevention. Temperature sensors installed at entry points can capture the abnormal temperature in real-time and appropriate action can be taken immediately.

Despite the best efforts and intentions of the authorities, Hotel Industry the above-mentioned measures have not been able to remove the fear of virus completely. What we might need is a more proactive approach to eliminating the coronavirus at the source.

2 Broad Possibilities with the current Covid-19 situation

  1. Virus is contained with low to medium long-term growth: Vaccine is administered to a large chunk of the population resulting in herd immunity. At the same time; a new strain of virus does no show resistance to the already developed vaccine. The growth of the industry may return to normal in the medium to long run.
Can Air Purifiers for Hotel Rooms Halt the Recessionary Trend?
  •  The virus is not contained with reoccurrence resulting in tepid growth for the long run: Spread of the virus is not contained with reoccurrence at regular intervals. This will be a gloomy scenario and virtually shake the entire industry to its very core.
Can Air Purifiers for Hotel Rooms Halt the Recessionary Trend?

Again, what is needed is a long-lasting solution for both the eventuality.

Air Purifiers for Hotel Rooms that Neutralizing or Killing Coronavirus in the air:

Neutralizing or killing the Coronavirus in the air seems to be the only permanent solution. Purifying the air of the virus is a better alternative than vaccine administration to a large population. The earlier is a more proactive approach to tackle the threat of the virus. The air purification industry has been burning the midnight oil to come up with a solution. The traditional filtration technique is not 100% effective against the coronavirus. The main reason is that Coronavirus lies at the lower end of HEPA’S filter range. The active air Purification technique is one of the ways to neutralize the Coronavirus at the source only.

Air Purifier, PHI-Cell® Technology is the future:

Plug & Play Air Purifier

To keep the hotel environment secure, invest in the best air purifiers for hotel rooms. PHI technology is a time-tested technology. It has been around for more than 20 years. PHI-Cell® creates an advanced oxidation process consisting of hydrogen peroxide, ozonide, superoxide and hydroxide ions. All these are friendly oxidizers that revert to hydrogen and oxygen after the oxidation of the pollutant (Including Coronavirus). The oxidizers and the UV energy kill microbes throughout the room at the source of contamination. The PHI-Cell® uses a broad spectrum UV light on a quad-metallic (Rhodium, Titanium, Silver and Copper) catalyst surface. The UV light reacts with catalyst and moisture to produce advanced oxidation plasma.

Any advanced air purifier equipped with PHI-Cell ® technology can provide respite against the Coronavirus. One of the more popular air purifiers for eliminating the threat of Coronavirus is Plug & Play advance air purifier. If you are looking for portable air purifiers for a hotel room, Plug & Play is the right choice.

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