Air Purifier for Coronavirus

Scope of Advanced Air Purifier for Coronavirus in India

Air Purifier for Coronavirus: PHI (Photohydronization) technology patented by RGF is an active purifying technique to neutralize the coronavirus in the air. The results of the test conducted on it have been very promising with a reduction of almost 99+%.

Coronavirus is certainly not the first or the last microbes to have plagued human life. You just have to turn back the history pages and you will find many cases of microbes wreaking havoc. Some of the more fatal ones have been the H1N1 influenza virus responsible for the Spanish flu of 1918, Ebola Virus (West Africa, 2014-16), Japanese encephalitis virus and H1N1 (Swine Flu virus). What has made the Coronavirus stand out is the sheer size and scale of its destruction? Even with the rapid development of medical science and billions of dollars being pumped into R&D, scientists for most of the last year were unable to decipher the enigma of coronavirus. Quite surprisingly, the world had no answer to it and all it could do was to take precautionary actions like wearing a mask, maintaining social distancing, constant sanitizing, etc. vaccine development picked up pace in the last part of the year with some degree of success. However, even the vaccine jab had its own set of critics questioning its efficacy. Air purifier for coronavirus have been under development but very few have produced the desired results.

Killing / neutralizing Coronavirus in the air

Neutralizing the corona virus in the air is still the best option. Some level of research has gone into nullifying the virus in the air. Purifying the air of the virus seems to be a better alternative than a vaccine injected into an infected person. Despite the best efforts and intention, vaccine administration seems to be a time and resource-consuming process. Even with a very high degree of efficiency, it would take years before a sizable population is administered the vaccine for developing herd immunity. The air purification industry has been somewhat successful in handling the ill-effects of the corona virus. However, the normal six-stage filtration technique is not 100% effective against the coronavirus. This is because the virus is at the lower end of a HEPA’S filter range. Active air purification technique has been touted as still the best option to tackle the ill-effects of the virus. Air purifier for coronavirus is the way forward.

Residential Air Purifier for Corona virus

Very few air purifiers in the market have the know-how of active air purification techniques. Essentially, there are two air purifying technologies: active and passive. In the active air purifying, ions are released into the air. O2 Cure air purifier for Corona virus equipped with PHI cells works on the principle of active air purification. PHI cells have a quad metallic hydrophilic coating that creates an abundance of hydrogen peroxide (H2O2). PHI occurs by exposing activated oxygen molecules to a hydrated catalyst containing four unique metals and a broad spectrum UV light. Friendly oxidizers (Hydro-peroxides, hydroxides and superoxide ions) are effective in breaking down both airborne and surface borne virus. PHI is an active purification technology destroying the structure of Viruses, bacteria and other microorganisms. Very few air purifiers for coronavirus in India are leveraging the active purification technique to neutralize the deadly microbes. Plug & play air purifier for Coronavirus available on Amazon are one of the very few leveraging activation purification technique.

Commercial Air Purifier for Coronavirus

Commercial air purifiers are picking up on the trend thanks to rising indoor air pollution and the effect of Coronavirus. Businesses looking for an in-duct solution can try out REME Halo & PHI-cell® to rejuvenate the ambient air. Its advanced oxidation PHI cell technology can effectively neutralize Coronavirus in air and on the surface.
Working of Commercial Air Purifier for Coronavirus

Results of third party test on PHI cell technology (an active purifying technique)

PHI (Photohydroionization) technology) patented by RGF has been successful in neutralizing a range of viruses like HINI Virus (Swine Flu), Avian Influenza (Bird Flu Virus), Norwalk Virus and SARS-CoV-2 virus. In fact, REME with PHI-Cell® technology (patented by RGF) has been successfully tested by CCMB-CSIR virology lab in India for reduction of SARS-CoV-2 by 97.48% and by the Innovative Bio-Analysis lab in the USA for reduction by 99% from air and surfaces. O2Cure products like plug & play air purifier and hybrid air purifier based on active air purification are an effective way to counter the ill-effects of the SARS-CoV-2 virus. Both the air purifier employs PHI technology to neutralize the virus. There are many air purifiers on Amazon, however, non for Coronavirus. But, O2Cure air purifiers are a notch above the rest.


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