Could Humidifiers Slow Indoor Covid-19 Transmission

Could Humidifiers Slow Indoor Covid-19 Transmission

Humidifier For Covid – Covid-19 changed our lines in an unprecedented manner. Safety and security that we have taken for granted are back in the focus once again. The speed and ferocity with which the coronavirus inflicted pain and misery will remain imbibed in our memory for a long time. As the coronavirus continued to torment the world’s population, scientists and governments across the world were burning the midnight oil to find the source and solution to the problem.

Many information related to the virus were screened and labeled as facts while others were rejected as myths. One information that was constantly under scrutiny was whether the virus is airborne and can travel in the air via air pollutants as a medium or carrier. After much deliberation and diligent study, WHO did finally admit that coronavirus can travel in air up to 8-10 meters. Relative humidityhas always been a factor in providing a conducive environment for microbial to grow rapidly. Extremely low or high humidity helps the microbial to increase its count over a period of time. In the winter or dry season when the relative humidity is low, the air pollution shoots up drastically acting as a carrier for transmission of the virus.

What Is Humidifier and How it Can Slow Indoor Covid-19 Transmission ?

A humidifier is essentially an electrical appliance that increases the moisture level thus increasing the relative humidity in a single room or the entire building. Its demand increases multifold during the dry winter season and in geographical areas with low average temperatures throughout the year.

Recently a Japanese supercomputer model has found that virus travels differently at different humidity levels. The findings of the study revealed that air with a 30% relative humidity would contain more than the double count of the same airborne virus-sized particle at 60%. Since the relative humidity tends to be naturally lower in the winter season it is necessary to add extra moisture to the air using a humidifier for covid.

How Can A Humidifier Help?

Humidifier humidifier for covid on its own does not stop or reduce the transmission of virus sized particles especially the Coronavirus. Increasing the humidity level of the indoor spaces installing humidifiers ensures that virus is less likely to travel far enough causing new infections.

Air humidification proactively prevents the spread of the virus by carriers including those known as super spreaders. This is even before symptoms appear or an early diagnosis of the infection has been made. Respiratory condition in healthy people is dramatically improved by humidified air through efficient cleaning of the airways and an improved immune response.

How To Choose The Humidifier For Covid?

With the advancement in technology, a range of humidifiers are available. Besides, there are also inbuilt humidifiers inside the air purifiers. Such units perform the dual task of air purification and relative humidity. Depending on your requirement, one can choose either stand-alone humidifiers or a combination of air purifiers & humidifiers.

Could Humidifiers Slow Indoor Covid-19 Transmission                            Could Humidifiers Slow Indoor Covid-19 Transmission

Could Humidifiers Slow Indoor Covid-19 Transmission

O2Cure Hulk and Elixir air purifiers are among the smartest one in the market. It is equipped with an in-built humidifier for covid to maintain the optimal level of moisture inside the room in the dry winter season and also odd spell of dry days. The air purifiers are also equipped with advance 6-stage filtration system to remove all kinds of pollutants including the coronavirus from your home. The 6-stage filtration consists of a cold catalyst filter, activated carbon filter, Antibacterial filter, HEPA filter, Ultraviolet sterilize light and Anion purification.



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