Is Coronavirus airborne and transmitted via Aerosol

Is Coronavirus airborne and transmitted via Aerosol?

Coronavirus Airborne: Among the several outbreaks of the deadliest viruses in the last few decades, the coronavirus has been the most catastrophic one. The no. of fatalities alone surpasses the combined toll of previous outbreaks. The medical fraternity is still struggling to get to the bottom of the reasons that have plagued the entire global community.

Some key questions that need immediate answers are: How the Virus spreads from one person to another? The most common view regarding the infection is that it spreads from surface contamination and physical contact.  As more and more studies are being done, a divergent view is starting to take shape. The biggest question bothering the scientific community and government across the world is: “Is Coronavirus airborne and transmitted via Aerosol?

Is Coronavirus is transmitted through Aerosol

Over the past years, converging evidence has been supporting the hypothesis that coronavirus is transmitted through Aerosol. The researchers have been disappointed with the response of the key agencies including the WHO. Initially reluctant, the WHO has been more accommodating and open to the theory in the aftermath of growing research and evidence. In aerosol transmission sneeze and cough are the most common source of infection.  Smaller droplets laden with the coronavirus can travel up to 70 ft. and infect another person.

The bigger particles, however, are less dangerous and might drop to the surface within 4 ft. because of the higher load. The theory of Aerosol transmission by smaller particles is not very popular with some experts as it goes against the very model of respiratory infections. In the traditional view, droplets less than 5mm in diameters are considered harmless.  While the larger droplets and particles are considered to be the main carriers of the virus.

Despite no conclusive proof of aerosol transmission, WHO has at least positively considered the possibility. Only when we understand the different modes of transmission and infections, we can take corrective precautionary steps to fight the menace.

Active Air Purification- Solution to Aerosol Transmission

When compared with passive air purification technology that uses mechanical filters which need air to be recirculated and only trap particles not neutralize to remove microbes from the source, active air purification is a much more reliable one. The microbes captured in the passive air purification can be back in the air through recirculation because it is not neutralized. In the active air purification technology, microbes including the coronavirus are neutralized at the source itself by altering of DNA/RNA structure. Ionized H2O2 ions or strong oxidising agents are released in the air that inactivated the virus in the air as well as on the surface. That is the USP of active air purification technology.

 Active Air Purification can be the plausible solution to the problem of Aerosol Transmission. Charged H2O2 ions released in the air will keep neutralizing the coronavirus produced from a source like Human sneeze or cough that is completely safe for humans.

Air Purifier and in-duct Solution with Active Air Purification Capability

O2Cure products like Plug & Play air purifier working on active air purification technique are a great way to counter the ill-effects of the SARS-COV-2 virus. It is equipped with PHI-Cell® technology (patented by RGF).

Is Coronavirus airborne and transmitted via Aerosol?

The PHI-Cell in the active air purification produces ionized hydrogen peroxide ions in the indoor space imitating what the sun does in the early morning. Moreover, the technology is completely safe for humans.

  1. O2 Cure PHI-Cell® (Patented by RGF) has been tested and approved by both Indian and American virology lab over SARS-CoV-2 for reduction by 99.97% from both the air as well as the surfaces.
  2. The Technology has also been tested on other deadly viruses like SARS-Cov-1, Swine Flu (H1N1), Norovirus, MERS-COV-1 and bird flu. 
  3. Furthermore, it has been tested for cross-contamination by Kansas State University and Sandia National Laboratories where a real-life sneeze test was conducted through a sneeze stimulation machine, resulting in 99% neutralization of microbes within 3 feet.
  4. The positive effect of PHI technology has also been tested on fatal diseases like Asthma, Pneumonia, COPD, TB, and Bronchitis which are proving to be the major reasons for death due to Covid-19.

Conclusion: For microbes in Air, Active Air Purification technologies like PHI-Cell®, REME HALO are the only preventive weapons to solve the biological catastrophe.



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