Can Soaring Allowable Air Pollution Level Spread The Coronavirus Faster?

Can Soaring Allowable Air Pollution Level Spread The Coronavirus Faster?

Air pollution spreads Coronavirus

Allowable air pollution has always been a topic of debate. The big question remains, “Does air pollution spread coronavirus”? Different countries have varied regulations on allowable pollution limits. While the western countries have much stringer limit, emerging economy riding the wave of industrialization has taken a more liberal approach to allowable pollution levels. The no. of death is directly correlated to the approach towards allowable pollution levels. Emerging and developing economies have seen a greater no. of fatalities because of a relaxed approach towards pollution levels.

Over the last few years, studies have shown that even a minor amount of pollutants above the permissible limit can hurt health. In the wake of Covid-19, allowable air pollution has become much critical as it can indirectly lead to the severity of Covid-19.

Air Pollution Definition, Causes, Effects, Facts-

Air pollution is essentially the release of pollutants into the atmosphere. The pollutants can be of many forms, dust particles, dander, smoke, PM 2.5, 10, harmful gases (SO2, NOX, Ozone, CFC, etc.) released from industries, cars, home & kitchen appliances. Some of the main causes of Air pollution have been listed below:

  1. The open area burning of garbage.
  2. Industrial emission.
  3. Burning of fossil fuels.
  4. Emission from automobiles, trains & airplanes.
  5. Construction and demolition of high-rise buildings.
  6.  Wildfires
  7. Agricultural activities(use of chemical & Pesticides)
  8. Use of chemical and synthetic products.

Effects of air pollution can be severe on not only the health of human beings but also other creatures on the planet. It has been responsible for the growing ecological imbalance that has been taking place over the last few decades. Melting of glaciers at the poles, a decline of marine bio-diversity, abrupt climate changes are some of the many side effects of rising air pollution.

Some interesting facts about air pollution-

Air pollution effects
  1. Air pollution remains the 4th largest threat to human health preceded by high blood pressure, dietary risks and smoking.
  2. Almost 12% of worldwide death is caused by air pollution that is more than the combined death caused by HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis and Road Injuries.
  3. Approximately 94% of the total death due to air pollution occurs in low and middle- income countries.
  4. According to research from the WHO, more than 92% of the world’s population lives in the area where pollution level exceeds the safe limit.

Regulation on air pollution level needs further tightening-

Despite many safety and preventive measures, people have been diagnosed with lung and other respiratory disorders. This happened even when the air pollution level was below the limit set by a regulatory body. Air pollution levels highlight the need for revising the air pollution level in the wake of new development. First and foremost regulation on air pollution levels needs further tightening. Depending on the geography, different levels can be set to safeguard human health. For very long, we have been living in denial, blaming other factors for deteriorating health while allowable air pollution has been the real cause. More research and studies need to be completed before we revise the permissible air pollution level.

Air Pollution and probabilities of getting infected with coronavirus

Although there is no direct correlation between air pollution and Covid-19, it does lead to the severity of the Covid-19 syndrome. Air pollution affects the lung’s health over a sustained period. Coronavirus severely impacts respiratory health with the lungs being the prime target. Air pollution spreads Coronavirus; it would be a wrong statement to make. However, the results of much research have indicated a positive relationship between air pollution and Covid-19 morbidity & mortality. In particular, there is a strong relationship between PM 2.5 concentration and an increase in susceptibility to Covid-19 mortality.

Are air purifiers the solution?

Air pollution Coronavirus

Exposure to outdoor air pollution can be reduced by staying indoors whenever possible. Solutions to indoor pollutions can be found by the use of Advanced air purifiers. Thanks to growing awareness and evolving technology. Plug & Play air purifier by O2Cure is a great option for home. Its advanced oxidation PHI- cell® technology brings back the joy of breathing again. It works on an active air purification technique where microbes are killed by altering the structure of DNA and RNA. The technology has been successfully tested and approved by an internationally accredited virology lab in the USA over the SARS-CoV-2 virus with a 99.63% reduction within one hour from both air and surface.

Besides air purifiers, in-duct solutions are also a great way to improve indoor air quality. O2Cure REME-Halo with PHI Technology (patented by RGF) has been tested successfully both in Indian and American virology lab for neutralizing the coronavirus and other microbes.

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