Why Air Pollution is Seasonal in Nature? Wake Up Before It Gets Too Late

Why Air Pollution is Seasonal in Nature? Wake Up Before It Gets Too Late

Cutting down of trees result in economic growth and financial benefits for a company. But, what about our Earth? Its environment and the oxygen we breathe in.

Taking in the polluted air is not good for human’s health. We all know the fact that summer and winter hamper air quality in different manners. Variations in air pollution are dependent upon the current month’s season.

Air pollution in every season is present in different forms. No one knows that the air they breathe is dangerous for their health but still, they harm the nature. Health issues like asthma, heart attacks, lung diseases, etc., are common these days. Even a 5-years old child suffer from breathing problem.

Have you ever thought that why is this happening? No? Then, its time to wake up and think over it. Read today’s write-up to understand the wrong doings that we are doing by causing harm to nature.  

What Causes Air Pollution?

If we ask a student, he or she will say deforestation. Due you think that this is the only reason? No, not at all! Through this post, I am highlighting the major causes of air pollution in each season :

  • Travelling via private vehicles like cars, on regular basis.
  • Destroying trees for a new building or society constructions.
  • Increasing the country economy by creating apartments.
  • Fulfilling the advanced needs of humans by murdering nature.
Just Stop and Think for Once – Everyone love to live in nature and spend a peaceful time in it. But are they concerned about its protection?  
Why Air Pollution is Seasonal in Nature? Wake Up Before It Gets Too Late

More than deforestation, we humans are responsible for bad air quality in today’s date. Although people are doing work from home but, cutting down of trees have not stopped. Officials had constructed new locations by destroying forests or agricultural lands. They are not thinking much about their health but, about the economic crisis from which they had gone through in 2020.

Why Northern Part is Comparatively More Impacted in India from Air Pollution?

In comparison to other Indian parts, the Northern part is considered as a most polluted region. There are many reasons behind the same, like – climate, agricultural practices, emissions of fossil fuels, geography, and much more.

The main cause for huge air pollution in Northern Part is its geographical conditions. Situated near the Himalayas, it is a wind-convergence region that shifts pollutions to other locations associated next to it.

The wind-convergence scenario displays mostly in winter season. Due to cold winds, dense fog generates from west side leading to sharpening decrease in air quality. The air pollution comes in form of fog that might result in accidents, breathing problem, unwearable cold winds, etc.

What to do? Is it too Late or Something Can be Done?

This is the last time – We must purify the air quality using O2 Cure’s Plug & Play Air Purifier. You can reduce air pollution in every season by planting at least five plants at your flat and if you own a property, plant trees to control poisonous environment.  Do not take the air condition to forsake and if you see someone in your surrounding doing deforestation, try your 200% to stop him or her. Your one small initiative will save many lives. Please remember – if we harm nature, nature will harm us too. So, take it seriously and from today onwards, promise yourself to save our environment.  

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