How Do HEPA Filter Air Purifiers Benefit Your Health?

How Do HEPA Filter Air Purifiers Benefit Your Health?

Hepa Filter Air Purifier Benefits – One big misconception about polluted air is believing that it is all because of car exhaust or factory smoke. The fact is, air pollution is much beyond that. Dust mites, pollens, allergens, pet dander, and many more different types of irritants that vary in size exist in the air we breathe and can cause us health risks and discomfort.

The Environmental Protection Agency of the United States addresses another misconception that we live by. It claims that while the increasing level of air pollution both indoors and outdoors is concerning, indoor air can be five times as polluted as outdoor air. This is because indoor air is not appropriately circulated, consequently aggravating the pollutants inside your homes.

You can reduce your chances of degrading health caused by indoor pollutants, which can further trigger respiratory infections, neurological problems, or aggravate asthma symptoms; by installing a HEPA filter air purifier benefits.

A HEPA filter stands for high-efficiency particulate air or high-efficiency particulate absorbing and it is a high-quality air filter that is designed to remove 99.97% of particles (down to at least 0.3 microns in size) from the air. The Hepa Filter Air Purifier is an important component to look for while planning to get the indoor air cleaned because it are made up of thousands of fine fibers arranged into a random mat to intercept microscopic and larger particles present in the inside air.

While you are well-armed with the knowledge about the types of pollutants and irritants in the air inside your homes, let’s witness the fact why removing such particles from the air is more necessary than you think.

Why Is It Necessary To Remove Small Particles From The Air?

Indoor air quality typically refers to the quality of the air you breathe inside your home, office, school, or building environment. We are as forbearing of indoor air pollutants as we are precautious for the outdoor air. Ignorance to the fact that concentrations of pollutants in indoor air are five times more than that of a typical outdoor environment is a justification in disguise. However, here are the noteworthy reasons why we must be as precautious for inside air too:

  •  On average, people spend 90 percent of their time indoors owing to the pandemic, especially kids, where they apparently feel safer in the air that has 2-5 times higher concentrations of pollutants.

  •  Age groups like infants, older adults, and patients with cardiovascular, or respiratory disorders; are more susceptible to the pollutants and yet spend most of their time staying inside.

  • Indoor concentrations of some pollutants or irritants have increased in the recent decade because of insufficient ventilation and excessive use of personal care products, pesticides, furnishings, household cleaners, etc.

Living by the misconception that indoor air is safer is major because microscopic airborne particles present in the air are impossible to see. They may be invisible to the naked eyes but can be taken down to the lungs causing irritation or damage to your health.

Air purifier HEPA filter can easily eliminate the larger particles such as pollen, dust, and other allergens from the air. There exist smaller particles that are 10 microns in diameter that can make it to our lungs. Even smaller particles, such as 2.5 PM (which are 2.5 microns in diameter) can make it down into alveoli in the lungs, causing a serious health risk.

Particles 0.3 microns in size are the hardest to filter out from the air, and hepa filter air purifiers are capable enough to remove them with 99.97% efficiency.

We had enough to back up why the HEPA filter air purifier is a must-have product at home. Let’s move further to understand the fundamental yet important benefits of installing HEPA filter air cleaners.

Benefits of HEPA Filter Air Purifier

Prevents Allergies: The surging presence of dirt, dust, pollens, dander, and other small particles can make it worse if you have asthma or other respiratory complications. HEPA filters trap allergens, ease breathing, and improve your health.

No byproducts: Another reason that makes HEPA filter air purifiers favored is that it does not emit any harmful byproducts. These are designed to be environment-friendly and are safe to use.

Minimizes impact of passive smoking: A HEPA filter is something you must have if you have someone in the family who smokes. HEPA filter air purifiers can remove smoke particles and contaminants from the air, shielding infants or elderly people in the family safe from health risks.

Shield from pet allergies: Investing in HEPA filters becomes a necessity when you have a furry friend in your family. Pet allergens and pet hair lingers on the furniture or carpet can worsen the allergy symptoms.

Neutralizes Odors: VOCs are the chemicals that are found in daily-use products like air fresheners, aerosol sprays, or paint. These can make the air stale by spreading a foul odor that can cause headaches, nausea, and breathing difficulties.

We have unfolded quite a big envelope of information on HEPA filter air purifiers, including the reasons to buy them and the benefits of having these air-cleaner ninjas at our homes. What remains is a concern, how do you know which is the best one to buy? Don’t worry, we have got your back by listing the best picks of HEPA air cleaners.

O2Cure Car Air Purifier

A portable and effective HEPA filter air purifier that is designed to make you breathe safe even when you’re on the go!

It is a small device that can be plugged into a USB slot, designed to shield you enough from viruses, bacteria, pollutants, and Coronavirus when outside.

Car purifier ensures healthy breathing with its UV LED, HEPA, and activated carbon filtration technology.

O2Cure Elixir Air Purifier

It is the most effective air purifier with the HEPA filter that comes with a special anti-bacterial coating to fight all kinds of microbes. 

Smart humidifier and smart odor sensing system along with the six-stage advanced technology filtration makes it preferable for consumers in the market.

With its zero-ozone emission technology, it has been marked the safest for human use.

O2Cure Hulk Air purifier

Wi-Fi enabled smart air purifier, and the finest HEPA filter air purifier equipped with seven-stage filtration technology, backed by a humidifier to neutralize pollutants and microbes.

Designed to preserve moisture in the air during the dry winter season.

The smart purifier comes with an odor sensing system and anti-bacterial technology to eliminate general odors, pollens, dust, dander, particulate matter, and smoke.

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