A Guide to Choosing the Best Air Purifier for Dental Offices

A Guide to Choosing the Best Air Purifier for Dental Offices

Air Filtration System For Dental Office – The air we breathe has a significant influence on our health and wellbeing. The air quality becomes especially necessary when we talk about dental clinics and other medical facilities.

The use of different chemical compounds during dental treatments exposes dentists, attendants, and patients to potentially hazardous situations regularly, which can cause discomfort and respiratory problems over time.

All dental treatments require surface contact and are performed from proximity to catch contamination of many diseases. So it becomes increasingly crucial to have precautionary measures against the spread of any virus or bacteria.

And it is where an air purifier for dental offices comes into play.

Why Do You Need An Air Purifier For Dental Offices?

There are various factors as to why dental offices need air purifiers. We have listed a few of them below.

Contaminants in Microbiological Air

During dental surgeries and other procedures, the air can transmit a variety of microbiological contaminants and fine aerosol particles. These droplets typically have a diameter between 0.5 and 5 micrometers and are light enough to float for hours.

Consequently, the bacteria and viruses in these micro-droplets can easily be inhaled and pose a risk of illness to the dentist, dental staff, and patients. These aerosol particles can be removed easily using the dental office air purifier.

Mercury Contamination

When we think of mercury contamination, dental offices are not the first spot to appear on our minds. However, numerous studies have found that dentists and their employees have a greater concentration of inorganic mercury in their blood and urine samples than the general population. Additionally, the majority of mercury exposures go unnoticed.

Various dental procedures can release mercury vapor that can be hazardous if ingested. The dental office can expose dentists and workers to mercury vapor as a secondary source. Mercury can leak into floorboards, chair cracks, or sinks over time and constantly release fumes into the office.


In dental offices, chemical disinfectants are used to clean hands, tools, and surfaces. Aldehydes and phenol are prevalent in disinfectants and can cause various health issues if regularly inhaled. Continuous exposure to low concentrations of these can cause toxic, chronic illnesses, with symptoms that are usually non-specific.

One way to identify the presence of harmful air pollutants is through an unpleasant disinfectant odour. An air purifier for dental offices can easily remove aldehydes and phenol from the air.

Chemicals For X-Ray Development

X-rays are critical for dental procedures. However, several organic compounds, such as glutaraldehyde, are used in generating x-ray films. These substances produce gases that can contaminate the air in dental facilities.

How To Choose The Best Air Purifier For Dental Clinics?

When selecting a dental office purifiers or medical facility, one should consider two critical elements.

  1. The air purifier for dental offices must have the appropriate filter to capture even the tiniest airborne particles, especially those that may filter viruses.
  2. The air purifier must be strong enough to cycle the air through its filters up to 10 times per hour and remove airborne particles rapidly. The official CADR rating of the air purifier determines this aspect.

Let us explore these factors in more detail.

  1. Filter Grade

To determine which filter grade is needed, you need to evaluate the virus’ particle size and dispersion. There are two fundamental forms of airborne exposure.

  • Transmission via huge respiratory droplets with a diameter of up to 10 microns:

When an infected individual sneezes or coughs, they expel respiratory droplets. These droplets swiftly fall out of the air and settle on surfaces as far away as two meters. Contacting such infected surfaces and then rubbing your eyes or touching your nose or mouth region might transmit the virus.

The virus can also spread by directly breathing in the droplets exhaled by an infected individual standing within two meters of you when they sneeze or cough.

  • Transmission via smaller respiratory droplets with a diameter of approximately  5 microns

These microscopic particles may linger in the air for hours and travel great distances. Coughing, sneezing, and even talking can release them. Most of these droplets are invisible and range from 0.5 microns to 15 microns. According to studies, droplets as tiny as 1.0 micron can contain enough viruses to induce illnesses.

HEPA Filter 

A HEPA can remove at least 99.97% of 0.3-micron pollutants, which means they filter out almost everything.

  1. Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR)

More air change in a shorter time is required to reduce the chances of cross-contamination, especially in between the visits of two patients. It is ideal to purchase an air purifier for dental offices that delivers ten air changes per hour.

To determine if an air purifier is powerful enough to offer the required number of air changes for your specific room size, you must first evaluate the purifier’s official CADR rating. It is an official measurement of how much filtered air an air purifier delivers.

We shall now introduce you to the best dental office purifiers.

The O2Cure Plug & Play Air Purifier

Your search for the best air purifier for dental officers stops right here with the O2Cure Plug & Play Air Purifier. It is the flagship product of O2Cure and is dubbed the ‘Coronavirus Killer Machine.’

Why Choose The O2Cure Plug & Play Air Purifier For Dental Offices?

  • It uses the innovative PHI-Cell (Photohydroionization) technology.
  • The PHI-Cell is a ground-breaking device invented by the RGF Environmental Group in the United States. It uses hydrogen peroxide as an oxidizing agent and a pathogen neutralizer.
  • Hydrogen peroxide destroy harmful infections, bacteria, and other environmental factors.
  • PHI-Cell reduces coronavirus in the air by up to 99.67% based on an evaluation by Indian and American Virology Labs.
  • Other viral outbreaks helped by the PHI-Cell technology include SARS-CoV-1, Swine Flu, Norovirus, and Bird Flu.
  • It has also received approval from reputed organizations like EuroVent, TU, Intertek, and the Environmental Protection Agency.

Hulk Air Purifier & Humidifier

The Hulk Air Purifier from O2Cure is one of the best and most effective air purifiers in the market. It features a humidifier and a top-class seven-stage air filtration system for dental offices that can remove pollutants and microorganisms while maintaining optimal moisture levels in the air.

Why choose the Hulk Air Purifier for dental offices?

  • Airborne home pollutants can often induce asthma symptoms. This purifier is a gamechanger for asthma patients who require healthy air to breathe.
  • Although O2Cure filters have a lengthy lifespan, replacing them is easy and takes only a few minutes.
  • The AQI values are detected automatically by a real-time sensor, and it displays it on the screen of the air purifier. It also sends the information to the user via the app.
  • The Hulk Air Purifier maintains safety and quality requirements throughout its life cycle. It does not produce ozone and is absolutely safe for humans.

Bottom Line

A dental office air purifier or other medical facility is a need of the hour in today’s world. We are collectively facing waves after waves of the pandemic and high levels of air pollution. O2Cure air purifiers can help you combat not just the coronavirus but also keep you safe from everyday pollution.

Grab yourself an O2Cure air purifier for your home, office, medical facilities, and dental offices, and experience a breath of fresh air.


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