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O2Cure Hulk Air Purifier & Humidifier

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Anti-bacterial technology

A special surface coating that fetters the growth of disease-causing microorganisms.

Odor sensing system

Efficiently detects and eliminates different types of cooking and general odors.

Smart humidifier

Automatically detects humidity levels in the air and regulates moisture accordingly.

7 Stage of Air Purification

The Hulk Air purifier is based on a progressive filtration process to create a breathable atmosphere.



Pollutants filtered Large pollutants like Hair, Dust, debris Pre-filter catches any type of large particles and prevents the subsequent filters from clogging.

Cellular activated
carbon filter

Pollutants filtered Formaldehyde Second-hand smoke Paint fumes Odors Cellular activated carbon bed traps the organic chemical pollutants through the adsorption process.

HEPA filter

Pollutants filtered Pollens Dust Allergens, Microbial, PM Particles HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) filter is a fibrous filter to filter particles as small as 0.3 microns. 99.97% of particulate matter is removed from the air.


Pollutants filtered Particulate Matter Suspended Particles Anion purifier generates high voltage to create a static negative charge around the remaining airborne contaminants and stick them to any nearby positively charged surface.

Cold catalyst filter

Pollutants filtered Total volatile organic compounds(TVOC) Gases like Benzene, Radon, and Ammonia. The cold catalyst filter performs complex oxidation and reduction processes by capturing the pollutants and decomposing them to release breathable air.

Anti-bacterial filter

Pollutants filtered Microbial - big particles Dander Disinfects the air by trapping contaminants that carry bacterias and accompanying irritants. This filter ensures a long life of HEPA filters.

UV sterilize light

Pollutants filtered Virus Bacterias Microbial The air is relayed through the UV lamps that emit UV light to irradiate and kill bacterias and other pathogens.


Particulate Matter

Source: Industries, vehicles, or natural disasters like crop fires and forest fires. Effect: Lung infections and lung cancer.


Source: Windflower & Grasses. Effects: Itchy eyes, sudden fits of sneezing, hey fever, triggers asthma attack.

Dust & Smoke

Source: Vehicles, burning rubber or trash, cooking smoke, and heavy construction operations Effects: Irritation, Lung Infection & Nausea


Source: Cloth fibers & pet hair Effects: Irritation


Source: Odors are a distinctive unpleasant smell produced due to several reasons. Effects: Nausea and Irritation.


Source: Virus, bacteria, and VOCs from unhygienic contact or pandemic Effects: From mild sickness to life-threatening infections

Why Choose O2Cure Hulk Air Purifier


Asthma symptoms can often be triggered by airborne household chemicals. This is a major gamechanger for Asthma patients who are sensitive to pollution and need a healthy breathable environment.


Even though our filters have a long lifespan, when required, replacing filters hardly takes 10 minutes.


Real-time sensing and data sharing technology automatically detects the AQI levels and sends the data to the user through the app.


The Hulk Air Purifier upholds safety and quality standards throughout its operational life cycle. The product has zero ozone emissions and is completely safe for humans.

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Chart 1: Shows reduction in microbials with time

Chart 2: Shows reduction in PM levels with time