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Anti-bacterial technology

The O2Cure Hulk Air Purifier’s filters come with a special surface coating that fetters the growth of any possible disease-causing microorganisms in the surrounding environment.

The smart odor sensing system

O2Cure’s smart odor sensing system efficiently detects different types of odors often generated from cooking, smoke, pets, stale and damp odors.

Smart humidifier

The smart dehumidifier technology automatically detects humidity levels in the air and pulls out excess moisture which prevents the growth of bacteria and molds in your environment.

7 Stage of air purification


Cold catalyst filter

Total volatile organic compounds(TVOC) Gases like Benzene, Radon, and Ammonia.The cold catalyst filter performs complex oxidation.


Cellular activated carbon filter filtered

Formaldehyde Second-hand smoke Paint fumes Odors Cellular activated carbon bed traps the pollutants through the process of adsorption.


Anti-bacterial filter

Lint An antibacterial pre-filter for the HEPA filter and also disinfects the air. By trapping contaminants that carry bacterias.


High-efficiency HEPA filter

Pollens Dust Allergens, Microbial, PM Particles HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air ) filter is essentially a web of fibers.


UV sterilize light

Virus Bacterias Microbial When the air is relayed through the purifier, it passes through UV lamps that emit UV light to irradiate


Anion purification

Particulate Matter Suspended Particles Anion purifier generates high voltage to create a static negative charge around the remaining



The humidifier introduces balanced humidity in the air. This is something that an air conditioner can’t do. A proper humidified and mineral rich atmosphere.


Since the end goal of the humidifier air purifier is to clean the air, improve the quality of the air and make it breathable, the O2Cure Air Purifier humidifier’s progressive filtration process captures almost all the contaminants, big or small, and provides the best O2 air solution. Here’s the list of pollutants that an air purifier gives protection against:


articulate Matter Generates from industries, vehicles, or natural disasters like crop fires and forest fires. These are tiny particles combined with moisture. Generally causes lung infections and lung cancer.


ollen falls in the allergen category of pollutants, is the most common cause of itchy eyes, sudden fits of sneezing, and hey fever. It is naturally produced from wildflowers and grasses.


ust & Smoke Dust is normally produced by the movement of vehicles on roads whereas smoke can have multiple reasons like burning rubber or trash or cooking smoke


dors are a distinctive unpleasant smell produced due to several reasons. They are gaseous forms of complex compounds that can vary from hazardous to just unpleasant.


int These are tiny cloth fibers or pet hair that are often spread across the whole indoor environment.

Why choose O2Cure hulk air purifier


The product is suitable for use at multiple locations like Homes, Offices, Gyms, Restaurants, Salons, Spas, Hotels, Clinics, Schools, etc


Removes 99.99% of air contaminants. O2Cure Hulk Air Purifier is a strong defense against diseases and viruses. A major gamechanger for Asthma patients who are sensitive to pollution and need a healthy breathable environment


Even though our filters have a long lifespan, but when required, replacing filters hardly takes 10 minutes. You even get filter replacement alerts on your app before the filters are saturated.


O2Cure Hulk Air Purifier upholds safety and quality standards throughout its operational lifecycle. The product has zero ozone emissions and is completely safe for humans. Various Certifications like CQC, ROHS, CE and CB certificates ensure that the device is completely user friendly


Real-time sensing and data sharing technology put O2Cure Hulk Air Purifier as one of the best in class products available in the market right now. The intelligent sensing technology automatically detects the AQI levels and sends the data to the user through the app. The user can adjust settings to regulate the air quality remotely. In addition to this, the filters come with an anti-microbial coating to eliminate any traces of bacterias or pathogens.

Energy Friendly

O2Cure Air Purifier humidifier has a certified 5 Star energy rating. This means that the appliance is extremely efficient, consumes minimal energy, and keeps your electricity bills in check.