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Life at Zeco

“Team first-the comrade culture”. We pride ourselves for our inspiring team culture. Skills and experience is secondary. What we are actually looking for is a great team member who can elevate the spirit of the team by cracking the funniest joke or solve the most complex problem. 

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O2Cure believe in the joy of collective success. Individually, we might be weak, collectively we are eternally strong. Our policies, practices and systems are designed to foster an open culture, allowing employees to discover their potential and participate in shaping their own work life experience. We believe that it is the organization’s responsibility to create favorable conditions for a person to be happy despite it being a very personal emotion. Whether achieving the set target or celebrating the most anticipated moment, you can feel the camaraderie at each and every moment.  

Covid-19 Task Force

“We stand together in this hour of need”

Zeco Aircon Ltd. has taken unto itself the responsibility of arranging facilities and resources to save as many lives as possible. Recently, we organized a free vaccination camp at our Bahadurgarh facility.

  1. All adults were administered free vaccines just by showing the Aadhar card copy.
  2. The initiative proved successful in restoring a sense of calmness and security among our employees and people who were administered the vaccine.
  3. We are committed to offer any kind of help i.e. oxygen cylinders, oxygen concentrators, open spaces to be turned into Covid-19 facility, at a phone call