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O2Cure Car Air Purifier

A small & portable air purifier with 4-stages of air purification

O2Cure Corona Killer

Plug & Play Air Purifier

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Advantages of O2Cure Car Air Purifier

Hybrid Purification Technology

Air purifier for car uses HEPA filters with Carbon, and UV LED effectively remove pollutants, smoke, odor, and germs.

UV LED Technology

Car air purifier uses UVC LED for disinfection, purification, and deodorization of air and surfaces.

Light Source Technology

Patented technology that uses photocatalysts and orientation angles to neutralize viruses.

Safe Air, Wherever You Are Travel Safe with O2Cure

Breathe easy and breathe safe even when you’re on the go. It plugs into any USB slot, and protects you from Coronavirus, other viruses, bacteria, pollutants, and odors. Its UV Led Technology protects you from pathogens wherever you go.

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Your Protective Shield Against Pollutants

Particulate Matter

Source Emissions from Industries, vehicles, and natural disasters, like stubble burning, forest fires and dust storm
Effect Lung infections, lung cancer, bronchitis, and other respiratory diseases

Dust & Smoke

Source Industries, vehicles, burning rubber or trash, cooking smoke, storm, and heavy construction operations
Effects Skin & eye infection, respiratory complications, lung infection & nausea


Source Viruses, bacteria, fungi, and mold
Effects From mild sickness to life-threatening infections

Odors & VOCs

Source Smoke, garbage, chemicals, paint fumes, toilet & surface cleaners, sprays
Effects Nausea, headache, runny nose, & respiratory issues, eye irritation

What makes O2Cure Car Air Purifier Unique?

Multi Utility

Because of its size and portability it can be used in small spaces beyond cars to clean the air.


Ease of opening, detaching and cleaning the filters. For better performance change the filters over a period of time.


When using in car it can be plugged into car mobile charger otherwise any USB slot.

Perfectly Fits For


Study Rooms


Office Cabins

Safety Standard And Certifications

Technical Specifications

Product Name Portable Car Air Purifier
Product Model Car Air Purifier
Function Deodorization/Disinfection/ PM & VOCs Removal
Purification Technology UV LED +HEPA (with Carbon)
Size 84mmx H 160 mm
Color White
Weight 300g
Power Consumptiion 4.5 W
Input Voltage 5VDC
Power Cable USB type A - 2.1 mm DC

Car Air Purifier vs REME-LED Air Purifiers

Car Air Purifier
  • Coverage Area: 100 sq. ft.
  • Purification: Pre Filter, HEPA Filter,
    UV LED
  • CADR: 8 CMH
  • Cost: ₹7,699 ₹3,849
REME-LED Air Purifier
  • Coverage Area: 200 sq. ft.
  • Purification: Pre-Filter, Ceramic Catalyst, UV LED, & Bipolar Ionizer
  • CADR: Not Applicable
  • Cost: ₹21,995

Delighted Customers

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews

This is the best car air purifier in India! I had to drive my covid positive roommate back to his home and we got this product as an extra protection layer. The HEPA filter technology showed its magic and I was all safe throughout the journey. Amazing product!


I bought this product around 8 months back. I will say one thing that this product is worth the money. This product is a bit costly but is also very effective, so I have no complaints about it. The smart odor sensing technology keeps my car fresh after a long day as well. It is a great air purifier for car.

Akash Rana

This is the best car purfier I have ever got till date. I purchased one last year and it didn't really work. But this air purifier has 100% efficiency, plus I can use it anywhere I want. I loved this product. Worth my money.


I bought this product because I travel to my office in my car. A friend of mine recommended this product to me, O2 Cures Car Air Purifier is a portable small device that plugs into any USB slot and protects you from air-borne diseases. This is a very user-friendly product, I would say.

Mohit Singh

I purchased Car Air purifier for my car. I have a small living area and this I can use this product everywhere I go. A perfect portable air purifier for compact needs.